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Relaxing on the Water with Luxury Sloops

Discover the Luxury Sloops Experience in Partnership with Restaurant Ratatouille

Culinary Enjoyment & Relaxation

Combine a gastronomic experience at Ratatouille with relaxation on the water. Enjoy the luxury sloops for an atmospheric trip through the canals of Haarlem.

Exclusive Arrangements

Discover our exclusive packages, combining an exquisite dinner with a relaxing boat ride. A unique way to celebrate special moments.

Breathtaking Views

Be enchanted by the charm of Haarlem from the water. Our sloops offer breathtaking views and are the perfect complement to your culinary experience.

Ratatouille Food and Wine

How do you enjoy this Unique Collaboration?

Discover the magic of Luxury Sloops at Restaurant Ratatouille Food and Wine. Book today and experience an unforgettable combination of culinary enjoyment and relaxation on the water.