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Welcome to Ratatouille Food and Wine

Where culinary excellence and hospitality come together in the heart of Haarlem!

Chef Joshua Jaring's menu.

Menu du chef


Limited Edition Caviar - Sesame - Jalapeño - Escabeche


Tomato - Vadouvan - Lovage


Pea - Spinach - Jus de Poisson


Poivrade - Ravioli - Chanterelles


Sweetbreads - Eggplant - Garlic


Bread - Confiture


Sorbet - Champagne - Verveine


Kohlrabi - Citrus - Granny smith - Dill - Langoustine vinaigrette

Goose liver

Eel - Red beet - Liquorice - Tamarillo


Chawanmushi - Coraille - Green meat - Oxtail


Mussels - Saffron - Grapefruit - Salty herbs - Sauce Mouclade

Perfect egg

Truffle - Potato - Smoked oyster mushroom


Guanciale - Tomato - Chive - Shallot - Shiso


Sauerkraut - Foxberry - Turnip - Cepes - Albufeira sauce

Jerusalem artichoke

Hukambi - Cassia - Oabika - Citrus

4 course menu 95 p.p.
5 course menu 115 p.p.
6 course menu 140 p.p.
7 course menu 150 p.p.
8 course menu 165 p.p.

Exclusive wines

Let our passionate sommelier guide you in choosing the perfect wine to take your culinary experience at Ratatouille to new heights. Let the flavors meld together and enjoy the sophisticated symphony of dishes and wines we have lovingly curated for you. Cheers to an unforgettable evening!

Discover Ratatouille

At Ratatouille, we embrace the art of sophisticated flavors and create a gastronomic experience beyond expectations. Our restaurant, led by passionate chef Jozua Jaring, has established itself as a culinary haven in Haarlem, where every meal is a celebration of taste and style.

Our menu

Our menus reflect the diversity of flavors and textures, with each dish carefully crafted to offer a harmonious culinary adventure. Whether you are enjoying an intimate dinner, a business lunch or celebrating a special occasion, our menu promises a gastronomic experience beyond your expectations.

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We invite you to experience Ratatouille Food and Wine and discover the magic of gourmet excellence. Whether you are a local foodie or visiting Haarlem, we welcome you to our restaurant where passion for food and wine comes alive.

Immerse yourself in the world of Ratatouille and let us indulge your senses. Welcome to a culinary adventure like no other!

With gourmet greetings,
The team of Ratatouille Food and Wine, Haarlem

'A Culinary Living Room'

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