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Sinds 2014 bekroond met een Michelinster.

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Ratatouille Food & Wine


The successful restaurant chef cook of Joshua Jaring is– just like ratatouille – a mixture of the french cuisine with the realiy of today with an excellent value for money in an accessible environment. In 2013 we started in de Lange Veerstraat and after a move, we continued our unique monumental location at "Het Spaarne".

During the distribution of our first star, Michelin called our restaurant an example for the newer generation chefs and restaurants: Less stiff, less expensive, and better accessible. "It is what is on the plate."

See for yourself: starting from experience menu's all the way to our exclusieve a la carte diners. Everything made to perfection with surprising flavor palettes, a sublime choice of wine, our extended winelist with more than 460 wines and only the best available seasonal products.

Enjoy lunch or dinner and decide how far you want to be included in the culinary world of chef Joshua Jaring and his team. Our location is also suitable for weddings and features a private dining.

Ratatouille Food & Wine



Ons menu

  • Zeeuwse Platte 6/0

    €5,- per stuk

    De Zeeuwse Platte wordt geroemd als dé Koningin onder de oesters, met een zeer verfijnde smaak.

  • Gillardeau No 4

    €5,- per stuk

    Gillardeau is de wereldberoemde oester met een volle, vette smaak en zachte zoete nasmaak

  • Perle Imperial Kaviaar 30 gr


    Kaviaar / Boekweit Blini / Crème Fraiche / Bieslook / Sjalot

  • Jamón Ibérico Bellota

    35 gram €9,95

    Gemaakt van het Iberische Pata Negra varken is deze Bellota de hoogste kwaliteit ham. De Pata Negra loopt in de weilanden van de regio Extremadura en eet enkel gras en eikels

  • Patrijs

    Peer / Zuurkool / Albufeira saus

  • Reerug

    Reerug / Balkenbrij / Spruitjes uit de Koude Grond / Rode Wijnjus

  • Pompoen

    Pompoen / Banaan Yuzu-ijs / Ananas / Kruidnagel / Sinaasappel

4 Gangen diner €61,00

5 Gangen diner €71,00

6 Gangen diner €81,00

7 Gangen diner €91,00

  • Oester

    Oester / Buikspek / Creme van Doperwt / Oerpeen / Schuim van Mosterd / Nage / Knolselderij

  • Duinkonijn

    Duinkonijn / Stoof met Ratatouille Bier / Schorsenen / Pastinaak / Dennentakkenjus

  • Middenduin

    Mango / Chocolade / Pompoen / Anijsroomijs

  • Ravioli

    Texelse schapenkaas / Morilles / Cantharellen / Bieslook

  • Zomer truffel

    Bellini / Dashi / Vitelotte noir aardappel

  • Ratatouille

    Gnocchi / Parmezaan / Courgette / Molasse / Baba Ganoush / Basilicum

  • Lavazza dessert

    Kaffa espresso / Limoncello / Mokke / Citrus

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Do you want to make a reservation for more than 20 people? Call us on +31 (0) 23 - 542 72 70 or send an e-mail to


What our guests say

  • Fantastic restaurant, excellent food. Proficient friendly staff in a nice atmosphere.

    - Peter Philippo

  • Compliments for the operation, very attentive, friendly and knowledgeable. Where many people add their story, but quit a question, they also have a lot of background knowledge here.

    - Peter Don

  • Delicious evening Ratatouille. The atmosphere is relaxed, hospitable and smooth. The whole is well matched so you are surprised every time with a delicious dish. The amuses make it complete.

    - Karin Wilms

  • Perfect spot off the river! Amazing food, wonderful service, fabulous wine service and great music! All of that and a Michelin wow!!!!

    - Harry Wendy Gross

  • Yesterday we could enjoy lunch, and enjoy it. Low-threshold staff, nice view of the kitchen. Price quality is well balanced. Homemade limoncello is a must.

    - Johan Veldman

  • Art disguised as outstanding food and services. This was a great surprise on differentiated taste and harmony. This was a top moment during our trip.

    - Roberto Bogado Duarte

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Ratatouille Food & Wine

023 542 7270

Spaarne 96, 2011 CL Haarlem

Opening hours


wed t/m sun 12:00 to 14:30


tue t/m thu 18:00 to 22:00

fri t/m sun 18:30 to 22:00

We are closed on monday